Swagger Docs

You can find a list of endpoints and parameters detailed in the swagger documentation. The documentation on this page will give you a quick run through of some endpoint and best uses, while a comphrensive list of endpoints and parameters are provided in the Swagger documentation.


Calls to the API require an API key to be set in the X-API-KEY HTTP header. Your API key is available in the WebUI on the Dashboard page after you authenticate.



The knownlevel endpoints are meant to provide a simple Good/Unknown determinationfor a hash. They're optimized for minimal lookup time by using probabilistic data structures called Bloom filters. It's important to note that Bloom filters do have the potential for False Positive matches so depending on your use-case, this may not be an ideal endpoint


curl https://api.hashdd.com/v1/knownlevel/838DE99E82C5B9753BAC96D82C1A8DCB

{"result": "SUCCESS", "message": null, "hash": "838DE99E82C5B9753BAC96D82C1A8DCB", "knownlevel": "Good"}


Our downloads endpoints are provided for offline searches for known hashes. When you have many (greater than 100) hashes that need to be evaluated, it's much more performant to do an offline search rather than to use our APIs. For these use-cases, we provide downloadable lists and pre-built lookup structures. Our downloads endpoints return short-lived URLs that grant temporary access to our offline files which are stored within Google's Cloud Storage.


Supported Hashes for Search

Given the popularity of MD5, we suggest using it for searching. However we are building out support for as many hash types as we can. If you'd like for us to support other types, please let us know via email to hashdd-support@detectdd.com


Terms and Conditions

Paid users are permitted to use data provided by hashdd as long as they do not make hashdd data publicly available or use it in a product that may be seen as a competitor to hashdd.

Privacy Policy and Third Party Data

hashdd will not sell our user's data, nor will we grant access to data about our users to outside parties. We store the absolute bare minimum to perform our service.